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Flor Quezada, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker
Specialized Areas: 
  • Teens

  • Adults

  • Families

  • Couples

  • Veterans / First Responders

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Emerging adulthood

  • Chronic health conditions

  • Life transitions 

Languages Spoken:

  • English

  • Spanish

Office Location: Maricopa Office
Will start accepting clients June 3rd. If you are interested in being placed on her waitlist, please complete our booking form and select her name.
Flor is currently receiving clinical supervision under Brianna Reinhold, LPC, CFRC, ERPSCC.
About Me:

I was born and raised in Southern California. Cali has my heart forever. I moved to Arizona in 2020 when I married my husband, an Arizona native. The beach is my favorite place. I am a proud Latina who’s in love with her culture and always down for some tacos. I am a wife, sister/mom, daughter, friend, foodie, traveler and advocate. I am a Christian and very active at my church in Mesa, AZ. I enjoy playing golf, hiking, eating out, spending time outdoors, and traveling. I was the first in my entire family to graduate high school and attend college. I enjoy helping others reach peace and their full potential in life. I am a strong believer that life is too short and I want to help others reach the best quality of life. I have experienced hurt, pain, betrayal, tragedies, depression, loneliness, setbacks, chaos, grief, and loss. I wouldn't change anything I've experienced because it made me better. 

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My Background:

I graduated from Cal State Northridge with my MSW. I am passionate about helping others live a life full of joy and peace. My family and I went through a lot of struggles in life. My dad had a work accident that left him in a wheelchair for 1 year followed by years of recovery. During that time it was a struggle to make ends meet and I felt extreme pressure to step in to help financially. Being the oldest I helped with home duties and financial duties while taking care of my personal life. I became an advocate for my father who needed endless services. Little did I know then that my passion for helping others was birthed because of this struggle. I’ve learned how to deal with life stressors in healthy ways and with the help of therapists and social workers we made it. I am committed to providing the best for my clients and providing a safe space where you can learn, grow, and feel alive.

I have had the privilege to work in many different roles since the beginning of my professional journey. I was a group home director who ran 5 different group homes for LA County. It included families, women, psychiatric patients, and recently released. This was the hardest job but I learned so much from it. I was also a VA intake social worker in West LA, a family therapist, and I am currently a school counselor. Currently, my husband and I are the youth directors at our church. Always remember you are not alone and we all need someone. 

Insurance &
Cash Pay Rates

Northern Lights

Insurance Plans In-Network:

  • BCBS

  • Aetna

  • Victim Compensation Fund


Cash Pay Rates:

  • Initial Intake (60 minutes): $150

  • Individual Session (55 minutes): $130

  • Family & Couples Session (80 minutes): $170

  • ​Family & Couples Session (55 minutes): $150

Image by Bartek Garbowicz
Image by Bartek Garbowicz

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